April 2007

Guild Mark Certificate Awarded


Halstock Cabinet Makers Ltd & Paul Spencer Design & Carving Ltd awarded a Guildmark from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.

Created to merge contemporary stone carving and traditional cabinet making, using classic materials in new ways. The cabinet has been designed as a fun extravagant showpiece of style and opulence, layered with surprises to delight and entertain. The concept of backlighting the alabaster and the internal ‘bleached burr madrona’ was intended to maximise the impact of the piece and showcase the materials unique aesthetic qualities.

A brief description of the materials…

Exterior Side panels – Matt finished Welsh Slate carved with horizontal and vertical grooves to create a unique textured surface. This was chosen to give interest and depth to the large expanse of side panel. Backlit door tiles – Blue Alabaster, this was chosen because of its translucent properties which allowed us to maximise the impact of its amazing inherent veining and marbling. Exterior & Interior Mirror – Antiqued Silver Mirror, chosen to add interest and texture to the large areas of mirrored surface.

Internal Backlit tiered shelving – TABU 46.050 Burr Madrona Veneer. We wanted the interior of the cabinet and the tiered shelves to look incredible whether they had wonderful spirit bottles on them or not, how better to do this than to backlit the veneer by veneering over clear Perspex, thus emphasising the swirling grain pattern to great effect.

Halstock are incredibly proud of their second Guild Mark awarded and look forward to the possibility of applying for more in the future.