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Since 2002, we’ve combined craft, know-how, planning and project management to create exquisite bespoke furniture and interiors that will impress for generations to come.

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Based in a delightful corner of Dorset, our work is seen — and felt — all over the world, from Monaco to Mayfair. (Indeed, we do so much of our work in London, it’s essentially our second home.)

But in talking about us, as the page title suggests we should, the truth is very simple: we’re just like you.

Like you, we care about enduring beauty. We believe in doing something the right way. And we want to create things — from transforming a single room to an entire home — that once experienced are never forgotten.

So if that really is like you, we think you should get in touch with us.


01. Listen

When you work with us, the first thing we’ll do is close our mouths, open our ears, and soak up all you have to say about your needs for the job ahead.

Once we know what you want, we’ll go through all the options, opportunities and potential obstacles (don’t worry, we’ll sort those), mapping a clear vision for your project — and a clear way of making it a reality.


02. Imagine

You might have your own designs you’d like us to bring to life, or you might want us to draught some from scratch. However defined your design is, from free-standing and fitted pieces of furniture to drawing up plans for entire homes, we’ll collaborate closely with you so we’re all working to one vision.


03. Make

With over 300 completed projects and half a millennium of joinery and cabinetry experience, there’s no more skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable team to make your vision a reality.

We spot and solve problems before they happen. We know how different materials work and fit together. And we can think on our feet, suggesting changes and finishing touches that make your project even better than you ever imagined.


04. Install

Our installers work efficiently and discreetly — and are well versed in overcoming complex site conditions to create the beautiful end result.

They’re supported by a head of installations, an installations coordinator and a project aftercare technician, who plan forensically and communicate constantly to make sure everything goes to plan — and fits perfectly.


05. After

The end of the project isn’t the end of our relationship. We’ll give you an aftercare kit to keep things in perfect condition, and we’ll offer you a defect liability contract lasting 12 or 24 months.

And even if you’re not within the liability period — or want to speak to us about any additional work — we’re always on hand to help.

Our Process

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Whether you want a one-off piece of furniture making or an entire space recreating, we’d love to hear from you.

About us